Trustee & Committee Annual AGM 2022

Thursday, 13th October 2022

13th October 2022 The Friends of Kenninghall Primary School 

AGM held at Kenninghall Primary School. 7:30pm. 


Trustee Attendees 

Gabrielle Walsh (GW) Carrie Spencer (CS) Catriona Harvey (CH) Nicholas Tabram (NT) Karen Staff (KST) Fran Sewell (FS)   Rose Whittle (RW) Julie Branford (JB) Harriet Waters (HW) Catherine Moore (CM) 

Volunteer/Committee Attendees 

Hannah Tabram (HT) Katie Blades (KB) Katie Smith (KS) Karen Cummins (KC) 


Other Attendees 
Liam Ambrose (LA) Jayne Tomkinson (JT) Tom Sewell (TS) Josh Walsh (JW) Rob McDougall (RM) Giles Branford (GB) Jo Basham (JB) Todd Spencer (TS) Daniel Staff (DS) 


  1. Welcome and thanks given for attending.  

Noted and recognised that quorum has been reached and obtained in full.  


    2. Vote in executive committee.  


Gabrielle Walsh to remain as Chair of The Friends of Kenninghall Primary School. 

Vote 1 – Catriona Harvey Vote 2 – Francesca Sewell 


Carrie Spencer to remain as Treasurer of The Friends of Kenninghall Primary School 

Vote 1 – Garbielle Walsh Vote 2 – Nicholas Tabram 


Catriona Harvey to remain as Secretary of The Friends of Kenninghall Primary School 

Vote 1 – Carrie Spencer Vote 2 – Rose Whittle 


Hannah Tabram and Katie Blades confirmed that they did not wish to be a trustee and would like to continue as a volunteer for The Friends of Kenninghall Primary School. 

Karen Cummins declared she wished to join The Friends of Kenninghall Primary School and act as a trustee. 

Vote 1 – Gabrielle Walsh Vote 2 – Carrie Spencer 


       3. Forms and documentation. 

The Model Constitution as documented and followed from ParentKind with the most recent copy of February 2018, has read by all members and signed by Gabrielle Walsh as Chair. Witnessed by Catriona Harvey as Secretary. 

GW advised that should any persons wishing to make changes to the constitution must do so in writing with in 21 days of the date of this meeting. 

Trustee Declaration forms read and signed by: 

  • Gabrielle Walsh 
  • Carrie Spencer 
  • Catriona Harvey 
  • Francesca Sewell 
  • Nicholas Tabram 
  • Karen Staff 
  • Rose Whittle 
  • Harriet Waters 
  • Julie Branford 
  • Karen Cummins 
  • Catherine Moore 


      4. Accounts


Provided by CS as Treasurer.  

Beginning balance 12th October 2021 was £4,965.26. 

Total incoming - £10,932.13 

Total for year - £15,897.39 

Total outgoing - £10,541.80 

Balance as of 12th October 2022 - £5,355.59 


We kindly received donations from Chanteclair Ltd of £200 and from Snetterton Motorsport Ltd for £250.Crown Chicken also kindly donated £600 directly to Titanium for the fireworks.  

Some of our large donations this year were directly for the school for field trips, transportation and classroom activities totalling £4,329.41. These included covering all costs for the entire school to attend Bewilderwood. We also provided food and decorations for the children to celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee. 


Some of our commitments for the year include all school field trip as well as an educational trip for each class. Book bags & phonics cards and leavers hoodies/bags. Agreed and voted for unanimously to continue with the commitments pledged previously.  

It was agreed and voted for unanimously to continue to fund the tasty Tuesday sessions for the reception class, as well as a celebration for the Kings Coronation in line with the Queens Platinum Jubilee. 

It was discussed about providing a Christmas Pantomime of sorts, whether that be a company come to the school of a funded trip, to be discussed after LA has prices for both options.  


      5. AOB 

GW asked if any persons had any worries, queries or concerns they would like to speak about or mention to the committee. There were none.  

GW advised if any persons had any worries, queries or concerns they do not feel comfortable about discussing as a group they are always welcomed and encouraged to contact her by phone or email to arrange a private meeting/conversation.  

GW asked that if any persons outside had any questions, concerns or feedback about the committee, the committee are asked to provide GW’s contact email or phone number so they can all (if any) be directed to her accordingly.  

GW asked if there was anything else anyone would like to discuss or have noted. There was none. 


Next Meeting date TBC