About Friends of Kenninghall Primary School

Welcome to the Friends of Kenninghall Primary School website. Here you can find more about us, what we do and how you can get involved.

The Friends is a Parent Teacher Association which exists to support the school and to provide closer links between school and home. We raise money to spend on equipment and resources which will enhance our children's educational experience. Our events aim to bring together staff, parents and friends socially in support of the school, to work towards a common goal and to have fun too! All parents and members of the school community are encouraged to get involved - even if you only have a small amount of time available. All families automatically become members of the Friends when their child joins the school: no matter how much time you may have to give or how involved you wish to become, all are welcome.

What we do 

We organise events throughout the year in order to raise funds for the school. In years gone by our biggest and most popular event was the annual Kenninghall Fireworks and Bonfire - held on 5th November every year. In 2021 we raised over £4,000 for the school. The 2022 event was smaller in scale and run in conjunction with the Parish Council. 

Other events include school fetes, bake sales, raffles, competitions, wreath making, school discos and movie nights - keep an eye on our events page or check our calendar to find out more.

What we fund

The Friends committee work closely with the school leadership team to decide how our funds can best be spent. We also invite input from parents, so if you have an idea for something to benefit all the students in the school, please let the Committee know. You can do this via email, attending one of our committee meetings or speaking to one of members at pick up/drop off.

We aim to provide the 'extras' that the school's budget doesn't cover, making our children's learning experience more exciting and fulfilling. We don't generally provide funds to improve the fabric of the school buildings, as this is the responsibility of the school. Items we have funded in the past include:

  • Book bags and phonics cards for all new Reception starters each year
  • Hoodies, a barbeque and end of year treats for our leavers each year
  • Transport costs for school trips
  • Gardening club equipment
  • Purchase of a school defibrillator
  • Pantomime trip for the whole school
  • Laptops
  • Refurbishment of the school library, and books
  • Juggling club equipment

Committee Members

  • Gabrielle Walsh - Chair
  • Catriona Harvey - Secretary
  • Carrie Spencer - Treasurer
  • Karen Cummins - Trustee
  • Francesca Sewell - Trustee
  • Karen Staff - Trustee
  • Nick Tabram - Trustee
  • Rose Whittle - Trustee
  • Julie Branford - Committee Member
  • Catherine Moore - Committee Member
  • Katie Smith - Committee Member
  • Harriet Waters - Committee Member
  • Hannah Tabram - Volunteer
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Bake Sale
  illustration 2
Wreath Making Workshop
  illustration 3
Tug of war at summer fete