The Friends of Kenninghall Primary School AGM

Thursday, 19th October 2023


AGM - 16th October 2023 Friends of Kenninghall Primary School @Kenninghall School




Trustees - Gabrielle Walsh (GW) Carrie Spencer (CS) Catriona Harvey (CH) Rose Whittle (RW)


Attendees via Zoom

Trustees - Karen Cummins (KC) Karen Staff (KST) Fran Sewell (FS) Nick Tabram (NT)

Committee Members/Volunteers - Katie Smith (KS) Harriet Waters (HW) Julie Branford (JB) Catherine Moore (CM) Todd Spencer (TS) Rob MacDougall (RM) Giles Branford (GB) Tom Sewell (TSE)




  1. Welcome and thanks given for attending.  

Noted and recognised that quorum has been reached and obtained in full.  

  1. Vote in executive committee.


Gabrielle Walsh to remain as Chair of The Friends of Kenninghall Primary School. 

Vote 1 – Rose Whittle Vote 2 – Francesca Sewell 


Carrie Spencer to remain as Treasurer of The Friends of Kenninghall Primary School 

Vote 1 – Rose Whittle Vote 2 – Gabrielle Walsh 


Catriona Harvey to remain as Secretary of The Friends of Kenninghall Primary School 

Vote 1 –Karen Cummins Vote 2 – Nicholas Tabram 


  1. Accounts


Provided by CS as Treasurer.

Beginning balance as of 12th October 2022 was £5,355.59

Total incoming 12th October 2022 – 11th October 2023 was £10,320.37

Total for the year was £15,675.96

Total outgoing for the year was £9,853.77


This academic year, the Friends have paid for fully funded whole school trips to Bury St Edmunds for a Christmas pantomime and Bewilderwood. Reception class went to the Dinosaur Park and had a visit to and a visit from Alan at Old Buckingham Country Park. Years 1 & 2 went to the Sainsbury Centre, year 3 & 4 had a visit from an Egyptologists team and years 5 & 6 went to Strangers Hall and Sutton Hoo.

The Friends also funded the leavers hoodies and bags, supplies to go to the raised beds, microscopes for ipads, tasty Tuesdays and Science week activities to name a few.


CS also raised the point that this year our outgoings will be more, as we have a larger intake of children. Last year, we started September with 85 pupils, this year we started with 101 and this has the potential to increase still.

The cost of fuel has increased, and the adult’s ratio to children increases which will also impact our costs.


This year so far, the senior leadership team at the school have asked us to commit to fully funding 2 whole school trips (Christmas and summer term) as well as £500 fer class for their school trips.

GW made note that we as fundraisers are not a decision leading body, we are a fundraising body. We cannot vote nor decide on what the funds raised are spent on, this is down to the senior leadership team at the school.

If any parents/carers/members would like to recommend an activity or outing, they are encouraged to speak with their child’s class teacher of the head of school Mr Ambrose.


  1. AOB

GW asked if there were any opinions/queries/suggestions – there were none. GW advised that is people would prefer not to raise their query publicly, GW can be contacted by email, phone and face to face. Alternatively, if the query was in relation to GW, CH and CS should be approached as secretary and treasurer or the charities commission.


  1. Closing Remarks

A huge and humble thank you to each and everyone of our trusteed, committee members and volunteers for all that you do; giving your time and effort to better the school and enrich the children’s lives even more. Our extra-curricular activities are helping the school and the children are definitely benefitting from it. Again, thank you, all of you.


Next meeting to be held - TBC