Committee EGM

Thursday, 22nd April 2021


Melissa Pilmer, Jane Williams, Karen Cummins, Kirsty Perrin, Hannah Tabram, Nick Tabram, Gabrielle Walsh, Karen Staff, Francesca Sewell, Katie Blades, Clair Claughton.

Apologies: Lara Kenny

VE Day Grant:

A range of grants were applied for in 2020. One successful application was for a grant
for £500 to celebrate VE Day. Unfortunately, due to Lockdown in 2020, celebrations could not be held. There is a cut-off point to spend the Grant which is end of May 2021.

We have been in contact with the school to ask when they can spend it by and on what. We need to adhere to the grant criteria; there is however some leeway on what it can be spent on as VE Day has now passed and there are no longer events they can join and take part in, or exhibitions to visit and then do an accompanying activity.

One idea was a Tea Party – very relevant to VE Day celebrations however, due to current times, this may not be possible unless done in class bubbles. Also, The Friends would be unable to help as we are not allowed on-site due to COVID restrictions.

Another thought is gardening but again, not sure about the time and resources for organising.

We are aware the school is very busy and with an impending deadline, they possibly don’t have the time or resources to organise events.

It was decided we will get in touch with the school so that they can directly liaise with the Grant Officer about the best way to plan and spend the grant.

Summer Events:

We are not sure if the End of Year BBQ is still taking place.
Kirsty will liaise with Mr. Ambrose about the possibility of the event being held and in what form that might take.

Things to organise: BBQ – usually kindly organsied by the Wood/Criddle Family, drinks to
purchase, plus crisps, TENS licence so alcohol to be served.

Hannah will speak to her sister regarding the possible use of a Photo Booth.

Hoodies for the Leavers can be organised in good time.

Kirsty to organise.

If an End of Year BBQ is not possible due to COVID-19 restrictions, as with last year, we could instead organise a socially distanced picnic and a goodie bag which includes personalised cupcakes for the Year 6s.

New starters:

Phonic cards and book bags are always organised.

Kirsty will email Jayne Tomkinson to check if we have any surplus stock.


Things needed to organise:

  • Confirm with Titanium
  • Securing a field – landowners/tenants/agency
  • ‘Topping’ the field – previously been done by Kevin Edwards
  • Fencing – Lucy Wood
  • Volunteers to set up and take down marquee and gazebo
  • Collection of bonfire & building the bonfire
  • Volunteers to be on the gates, marshalls
  • BBQ – usually the Wood/Criddle Family
  • First Aider
  • Health & Safety representative to - carry out a Risk Assessment
  • Sponsorship – Crown Milling have been generous sponsors in the past
  • Organising lighting & generators
  • TENS licence
  • Ordering alcohol and soft drinks
  • Keg of beer – in the past this has been kindly donated by The Red Lion
  • Cake stall
  • COVID-19 compliance
  • Check our Public Liability insurance with Parentkind

Probably additional points need to be organised – a further check from previous years needs to be done.

Things to think about:

Need to think about size of fields for various events – e.g. if ticket holders need to watch from cars
We need to know that we can cover the costs, if the event has restrictions.

Alternative ideas:

Hannah asked if we could do something along the lines of last year – people purchase Firework bags and people can watch from afar.
Kirsty to speak to Heidi about the logistics of organising last year’s fireworks – who set them off.
Gabrielle suggested private food trucks coming along, therefore no responsibility for The Friends.
Katie has quite a few contacts with Food Trucks through Harling Social Club.
Hannah raised the point that the village shop/café/pubs might not want to handle cash for the sale of tickets.

Immediate tasks:

  1. Kirsty to speak to Heidi: - What is the cut-off time with Titanium? What happens if we need to cancel the event due to changing COVID-19 restrictions?
    • Through her training at NCC, what COVID-19 guidelines would we need to adhere to?
    • Possibility of approaching landowners/tenants of the fields we used before
  2. Investigate the possibility of using a card reader – can be done on an IPad, so that tickets on the gate, food, drink etc can be purchased in this way.
  3. Can Titanium do a smaller display?
  4. It was decided that we make a decision if the Fireworks are going ahead, by the end of the Summer Term.


Sophie Turrell has so far raised £200 for The Friends, running 4km a day during April. She has requested that this be spent on sporting equipment. Jane suggested that Sophie has input on what the money is spent on.

Melissa has made the decision to step down as Chair of the Friends at the end of the summer term.

Melissa was thanked for her hard work.

Next meeting date: Wednesday 9th June 2021 at 7.30pm at The Red Lion