14th September 2023 Friends of Kenninghall Primary School Committee Meeting @Kenninghall School

Wednesday, 27th September 2023


Gabrielle Walsh (GW) Carrie Spencer (CS) Catriona Harvey (CH) Karen Cummins (KC) Harriet Waters (HW) Karen Staff (KST) Julie Branford (JB) Rose Whittle (RW) Catherine Moore (CM) Liam Ambrose (LA)


Fran Sewell (FS) Nick Tabram (NT) Katie Smith (KS)

Katie Blades has advised she wished to leave the committee due to work and personal commitments but would like to still help the friends on an ad-hoc basis.

Thank you, Katie, for all your assistance and dedication over the past few years.

1. AGM.

GW put the date forward of Monday 16th October 2023. 7:45 meet for an 8pm start. All agreed.

It is noted that as per our constitution, the Friends of Kenninghall Primary School hereby give a minimum of 21 days’ notice announcing our AGM.

In line with the constitution, it was discussed as to whether all trustee members on the committee wished to remain trustees.

HW, JB & CM wish to remain on the committee but as valued committee members only and not trustees.

GW, CS & CH confirmed that they are happy to be re-elected in their current positions as Chair, Treasurer and Secretary and also welcomed any others wishing to nominate themselves for these roles or joint roles.

2. Upcoming events and dates for the diary.

1. Harvest Festival – 26/09/2023

The children will be performing their annual harvest performance on Tuesday 26th September at St Mary’s Church at 2.00pm. All are welcome to come and watch. As with previous years, any food donations will be donated to The Pantry.

2. Halloween Party – 19/10/2023

To be held after school until 5.00pm. This will be a free event to all pupils. Parents of all classes are able to collect their child/ren earlier than the end time if desired.

As last year not all children got face paints that wanted them, it was decided that stencils will be used or a tattoo.

Food will be provided in the form of sandwiches, crisps (no popcorn) healthy snacks and a drink, and will cater for all 101 children Max Cummins (TBC) to provide music for the party atmosphere and games. Games to be held indoor and outdoor (weather dependant) Inline with school policy and the healthy eating policy, there will be no sweets

3. Fireworks – 5/11/23

Parents enjoyed having the earlier display and celebrations so we would look to do this again (4pm) and work with the village hall and council again.
To be a free event with a bar and BBQ with proceeds going to both charities.

ACTION POINT – GW to liaise with sponsors
ACTION POINT - CH to confirm that our preferred field is available

4. Wreath Workshops – 28/11, 29/11, 30/12/2023

These dates have been confirmed with Laura Martin and diarised.

ACTION POINT – confirmation required for cost of booking Laura

Following feedback from last years event, there will be higher tables for people to make their wreaths off.

Mulled wine/spiced apple juice was exceptionally popular as were the mince pies.

ACTION POINT – Vegan/allergen options must be available this year
We have a lot of supplies left over from last year which will lower the outgoing costs but everyone was pleased with the offering for their wreaths so we will repeat again this year.

It has been requested and agreed by the friends that we will not advertise nor sell tickets to our workshops until Flowers by Laura have advertised theirs.

5. Christmas Disco – 19/12/2023

To be held after school from 3.30pm to 5.30pm.

Cost to be £4.00 per child which includes food.

All school children welcome.

ACTION POINT – CH to liaise with connection to book disco.

6. Valentines Day Bake sale – 16/02/2024

To be held on the main playground after school before the half term break.

7. Quiz Night – 08/03/2024

Was a great success last year, received positive feedback.
Pre booking worked well so did the bar and cheesy chips.

8. Easter Egg Hunt & Bake Sale – 22/03/2024

Easter hunt was a great success and the smaller eggs as a prize worked brilliantly.

Look to have tea and coffee for the parents.

9. School Fete – 18/05/2024

10. End of year concert & BBQ – 18/07/2024

3. Safeguarding

All volunteers need to conduct annual safeguarding training (KST & CS are exempt as they have completed under their employment)

Safeguard training will be conducted on Monday 25th September 2023 at 8:00pm via zoom. LA will send out a link for the training to all volunteers nearer the time.

All volunteers, at the request of the school, need to have their own photo ID and lanyard.

ACTION POINT – All members of the friends are to provide the office with a photo so as ID cards can be issued with a lanyard.

4. External trips

A point was raised that some parents have asked if the summer school trip will be at Bewilderwood this year. Much discussion was had as to whether there is another suitable site that satisfies school requirements. Several members of those present at the meeting had strong feelings and opinions.

It was agreed and decided to raise the point in January 2024 when fundraising for the trip will be finalised. LA raised the point that the decision ultimately rests with the school senior leadership team.


Next meeting to be held Monday 16th October 2023 @ 7:45 at Kenninghall School.